NJCLD Updates

The Liaison Committee co-chairs also represent CLD on the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD).  NJCLD members write papers on various important issues to the learning disability field.  These papers include topics such as transition, response to inervention, assessment, and adolescent literacy. Copies of the papers can be found on the LD Online website – www.ldonline.org/about/partners/njcld


NJCLD Report: State of Learning Disabilities, Understanding the 1 in 5

The recently released NCLD Report, State of Learning Disabilities:  Understanding the 1 in 5 is free and can be found online at ncld.org/StateofLD

The data included point to the progress that has been made for students with learning disabilities but also point to the number of students whose needs are not being met.  A recommendation is made for more early intervention for students.  In addition to the data, the report includes personal stories, interactive displays, printable resources, and innovative approaches to reaching students with learning disabilities.


NJCLD Hosts 2015 Symposium

The National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD) hosted a symposium on June 15, 2015 entitled, Using a Multitiered System of Supports to Maximize Success for Students With Learning Disabilities. Read a summary of the symposium proceedings and access resources and a PowerPoint presentation by George Batsche, PhD at the LD Online website http://www.ldonline.org/about/partners/njcld


The National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities has published a paper addressing the Learning Disabilities: Implication for Policy Regarding Research and Practice more…