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Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 40, Number 1, February 2017
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Special Series:  Special Education and Mathematics Education Part Two of Two

Guest Editors – Xang Ping Xin and Ron Tzur



From the Co-Editors in Chief Brian R. Bryant and Diane Pedrotty Bryant



An Intelligent Tutor-Assisted Mathematics Intervention Program For Students With Learning Disabilities   Xan Ping Xin, Ron Tzur, Casey Hord, Jia Liu, Joo Young Park, Luo Si 


Reading Instruction For Students With Learning Disabilities   Melodee A. Walker, Elizabeth A. Stevens


Review of Mathematics Interventions for Secondary Students With Learning Disabilities  Samantha Marita, Casey Hord


Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Schema Intervention  Improving Word Problem Solving for English Language Learners with Mathematics Difficulty   Melissa K. Driver, Sarah R. Powell


Intervention in School and Clinic  An Analysis of 25 Years of Guidance for Practitioners  Brittany Hott, Sheri Berkeley, Ambre Fairfield, Nelly Shora