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Learning Disability Quarterly
Volume 39, Number 4, November 2016
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Special Series:  Special Education and Mathematics Education Part One of Two



From the Co-Editors in Chief Brian R. Bryant and Diane Pedrotty Bryant



Cross-Disciplinary Thematic Special Series: Special Education and Mathematics Education Yan Ping Zin and Ron Tzur


Beyond Error Patterns: A Sociocultural View of Fraction Comparison Errors in Students With Mathematical Learning Disabilities Katherine E. Lewis


Initial Understandings of Fraction Concepts Evidenced by Students With Mathematics Learning Disabilities and Difficulties:  A Framework  Jessica H. Hunt, Jasmine J. Welch-Ptak,  and Juanita M. Silva



Does Supplemental Instruction Support the Transition From Spanish to English Reading Instruction For First Grade English Learners at Risk of Reading Difficulties? Doris Luft Baker, Darci Burns, Edward J. Kame’enui, Keith Smolkowski, and Scott King Baker


Comparing the Effectiveness of Virtual and Concrete Manipulatives to Teach Algebra to Secondary Students With Learning Disabilities  Rajiv Satsangi, Emily C. Bouck, Teresa Taber-Doughty, Laura Bofferding, and Carly A. Roberts