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Intervention in School and Clinic

Special Issue:  Integrating Technology Within Classroom Practices

Volume 52, No. 3, January 2017




Introduction to Special Issue: Integrating Technology Within Classroom Practices

Shobana Musti-Rao



Building Vocabulary of English Learners With Reading Disabilities Through Computer-Assisted Morphology Instruction

Ya-yu Lo, Adrienne L. Anderson, and Kimberly Bunch-Crump


Using Computer-Assisted Instruction to Build Math Fact Fluency: An Implementation Guide

Renee O. Hawkins, Tai Collins, Colleen Hernan, and Emily Flowers


Virtual Manipulatives: Tools for Teaching Mathematics to Students With Learning Disabilities

Mikyung Shin, Diane P. Bryant, Brian R. Bryant, John W. McKenna, Fangjuan Hou, and Min Wook Ok


Using Video Modeling and Mobile Technology to Teach Social Skills

Todd Haydon, Shobana Musti-Rao, Ashley McCune, Diane E. Clouse, Dacia M. McCoy, Hilary D. Kalra, and Renee O. Hawkins


Motivating Instruction? There’s an App for That!

Allison Bruhn, Shanna Hirsch, and Kari Vogelgesang



What Works for Me

Nine Tips for Creating an Effective Extended School Year Program for Students With Disabilities

Emily Eyrolles Sobeck


Current Topics in Review

Life Span Transitions for a Student With LD: Mother–Daughter Perspectives

Therese M. Cumming and Emily N. Smedley


Global Perspectives

Educating Learners With Disabilities in Palestine: The Past, Present, and Future

Mona Nasir-Tucktuck, Joshua N. Baker, and Matthew L. Love


An Interview With . . .

Enthusiastic Collaboration: A Conversation With Robert Gable

Marilyn Kaff, James Teagarden, and Robert H. Zabel