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The Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD), an international organization composed of professionals who represent diverse disciplines, is committed to enhancing the education and quality of life for individuals with learning disabilities across the life span. CLD accomplishes this by promoting and disseminating evidence-based research and practices related to the education of individuals with learning disabilities. In addition, CLD fosters (a) collaboration among professionals; (b) development of leaders in the field; and (c) advocacy for policies that support individuals with learning disabilities at local, state, and national levels.


CLD Updates:


LDQ CALL FOR PAPERS: Go to the Learning Disability Quarterly page and see the Call for Papers flyer for more information!


MEMBER NOTICE:  We are excited to announce that the Board of Trustees and the general membership have approved a change to the ByLaws to add a Retired Professional membership rate of $60 for a one year membership! If you have been a professional member of CLD for at least 5 years, are retired, and have reached the age of 65, you are eligible for this rate.




Action Alert: Ratify the Disability Treaty

Contact Your Senators Now!


CRPD Update! It is not over! The Senate Foreign Relations Committee did their part. Now it needs to be voted on by the Senate. Please, continue to contact your senators to urge them to vote for ratification of the treaty when it is brought to the Senate floor. It is likely to occur in September, so do not delay!

From June, 2014:
The disability community is calling on the Senate to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). As you may know, the CRPD is an international disability treaty inspired by U.S. leadership in recognizing the rights of people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was the model for the CRPD, and the treaty echoes its values of independence and respect for persons with disabilities, as well as reasonable accommodations. The CRPD is meant to create a framework for legislation and policies around the world to improve the lives of all people with disabilities, including millions of disabled Americans who travel abroad.  More Info…




Members of the Liaison Committee would like to thank you for responding to messages to contact Congress quickly over the years.  We find that our strategy for getting word to members of Congress today involves on going contact with them on some of the same issues we have been talking about for awhile.  Instead of waiting for Congress to have a new ESEA or IDEA draft for us to respond to, it is important that we let them know we need these reauthorizations to take place now, and we need them to know that students with disabilities should be included in accountability measures.  In addition, we need to let members of Congress know that it is vital we work toward full funding of IDEA.  As a matter of fact, there is an act being put forward by members of the House now.  It is called the IDEA Full Funding Act (HR 4136) and would make IDEA funding a priority.  So, what is the new strategy? We would like you to mark a date on your calendar each month when you will contact your members of Congress to support reauthorization of ESEA and IDEA and to support legislation that makes IDEA funding a priority.  Feel free to let them know how you would like a reauthorized ESEA and IDEA to look.  When there are actions that need your immediate response, the Liaison Committee will post that information here.  For more information on what the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities would like Congress to consider, go to .


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